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Welcome to my website, my own space for displaying and discussing my creative work.

Since deciding to become an artist, it has been one of my ambitions to create my own website so to be able to market my work and get my name out there. Understandably as a college student, finding the time to dedicate to this task is difficult. However, thanks to the wise professors at St. Norbert College, the creation of a personal, digital space has become integrated into the curriculum of several art classes, including Intermediate Painting.

Creating a website in a painting class? Preposterous! While it may seem counter productive to the “analog” focus of studio art, I have found just the opposite to be true. Not only does this website serve as a universally accessible space for me to display my work, the blog aspect functions as an avenue for which to explore and discuss the concepts behind my pieces.

Since this website is part of a continually unfolding assignment, it is currently under construction, but the goal is to continuously work on it so that it will eventually transcend its original purpose and become my permanent, professional site.

Thanks for checking out my site so far, keep checking back for more updates, and maybe even some humor from time to time.

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